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Skin Care

Biologique Recherche methodology starts with a unique skin assessment which then determines the customized facial best suited for the client’s skin and life-style. Next follows the Initialization Stage. During this stage, the epidermis is thoroughly cleansed, its pH balanced, it is gently exfoliated.
Products used: Cleansing Milk, Lotion (toner), Mask.
The next stage is Treatment Stage. This stage is the most active portion of the skin care process. The products used contain high concentrations of botanical, marine, and biological extracts to balance, hydrate and revitalize the skin.
Products used: Quintessential Serum, Target Serum, Cream, Finishing Serum.

The very special skin care oil.
Theresienöl North America, LogoTheresienöl is a traditional skin oil with impressive characteristics. It is made from 100% natural and pure resources, without any fragrances and preservatives, strictly controlled and suitable for every skin type and all ages. This skin care oil can be an effective complement for skin therapies and supports sustainably and positively therapeutic measures.

Theresienöl is very likely established for skin and scar treatments, as well as supporting care in the case of unpleasant sensations (like intensive sun exposure, extremely dry skin or sensitive baby skin). Even with massive skin irritations and skin regeneration Theresienöl is applied with success. No side effects are known. The efficacy and the effectivity was confirmed by user tests.

Medspa Services

Coolsculpting $750+

Botox: $14/unit

Dysport: $5/unit

Dermal Fillers: $650+