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Houston Salon for Balayage Highlights

Balayage has turned out to be one of the most trendy hair coloring styles lately. However, it has been
around since the 1970s. Anyway, what has changed in current occasions? For what reason is it just
getting to be well known at this point? Indeed, when big names like Jessica Alba and Rihanna flaunt their delightful balayage hair, their fans will naturally want to pursue their style. Likewise, present-day
beauticians have idealized the specialty of making diverse varieties of balayage hairdos which don’t expect you to enclose your head in foils to accomplish an ideal ‘sun-kissed look’.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French color method which actually signifies ‘to clear’ or ‘to paint’. This system is ideal for accomplishing a natural look on the grounds that the hair color is hand-painted on the hair as opposed to utilizing foils or customary techniques like top featuring. An advantage of using balayage is that it enables you to modify your hair color and get a gradual transition while reducing harsh lines.

What is the proper way to do Balayage?

Balayage is utilized to get a delicate, unobtrusive and consistent mix of coordinating hair colors. In this way, a balayage hair ought to have thicker features towards the hair ends and it ought to likewise be close and delicate at the root. Thicker earth pass is utilized to accomplish this impact as it colors just the outside of the hair area that you need to shade. Immersion is constrained to keep from getting harsh streaks.

What is the difference between Balayage and Ombre?

Balayage highlights are a highlighting technique where all the ends of your hair are not affected. It helps to accomplish a more natural and longer transition between the darker and lighter shades. Ombre in French actually signifies “color that is concealed or graduated in tone”. It is a hair color method which covers all the hair closures and helps you to achieve a shorter transition between the more profound roots and lighter finishes.

Bella Rinova is recognized as one of Houston’s top hair salons specializing in color, highlights and design cuts.


Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for you?

So we’ve heard about keratin treatments, isn’t that so? But what exactly are they? Who is the ideal
candidate for one? We will reveal to you what keratin is, who might profit from this treatment and why the product we use at our salon is healthier than most.

Let’s get started.

What does keratin treatment do?

Keratin medications lessen frizz and convey smoother, more grounded, more beneficial, and
progressively more beautiful hair that lasts quite a long time.

Who is the perfect candidate for a keratin smoothing treatment?

Anyone who feels their hair is too frizzy for their liking or lacking shine.
The treatment uses a revolutionary low pH framework with a comparable acidity to lemon juice used to open the fingernail skin and implant the focal point of your hair (cortex) with a mix of sericin, keratin, natural concentrates, and nutrients, supplanting lost and harmed proteins. At that point, warmth is introduced with a level iron, shutting the skin and securing in the mix of solid fixings inside the hair, shielding and smoothing the hair from the back to front.

Best Salon near Me for Hair Color

When trying on a new hair color the difference between gorgeous hair and messed-up hair comes down to the salon where you go. As you already know, your hair is one of the first things people see on you. If you get it right, your hair shines and compliments your beauty. This is why you can’t afford mistakes when trying different things with your hair.

The most important question for anyone trying to color their hair is this:

Which is the best salon closer to me for hair color? If you can find this easily, you can relax and have
your hair taken care of by an expert. Fortunately, you don’t have to bother searching. We have the best salon for hair color and it’s called the Bella Rinova Salon.

Houston Hair Salons

All over Houston and beyond, Bella Rinova Salon is referred to and regarded as the salon that perfectly blends premium services with reasonable rates. This means that every time you come to Bella Rinova for your hair color you can expect the very best without breaking your bank account.
All the services offered at Bella Rinova Salon are taken care of by masterful staff that are prepared to
deliver exactly what you want and are happy to help every step of the way.

Many hair salons use hair colors that are filled with harmful chemicals. Bella Rinova Salon has remained dedicated to keeping our customers’ beauty and health as a top priority. That is why we exclusively use only eco-friendly European hair colors. These products provide the desired color without reacting harshly on the body.

Over 97% of the ingredients we use are eco-friendly. They are 100% safe to use and give beautifully
vibrant colors for your hair. We understand that your hair is unique and so are your needs. This is why our stylists work closely with you to achieve that awesome look.

Color Patterns

You don’t need to start guessing. Bella Rinova Salon has a great variety of color patterns to select from. We also provide advanced styling which incorporates multi-dimensional and accentual foil featuring. Depending on your taste and the look you desire, Bella Rinova Salon will help you create that perfect look.

Do you want to brighten up your hair color or tone it down? Do you want to create a subtle, natural-looking look or sport a bold and audacious style? Whatever your decision, Bella Rinova Salon has got
your back.

2 Signs it’s Time to Visit the Hair Salon!

Are you having a messy hair day, and afterward a few more in a row? Do you often find yourself feeling nostalgic to those past times when you used to have lovelier, thicker or longer hair, and feel that your hair is currently dull?
The restless nature of life sometimes compels us to disregard the signs that our hair needs help.
Conceding you need a hair make-over, or even trim and styling implies that you have to schedule an
appointment with your hair salon in Houston, and set aside other significant things to go “get your hair done”. If you’re a working class. mom or a stay at home mom, – or both – then you may feel it is
senseless to be worried about your hair when there are more pressing issues to deal with.
Notwithstanding, the health of your hair plays a huge role in boosting your self-confidence and a sense of comfort in your skin. It can also boost your state of mind, make you feel more energetic and even younger.
Here are a couple of signs you should watch out for when your hair is telling you the time has come to call your local stylist in Houston.
1. Your hair hangs limp or lacks volume

You had fun hair but now you see that your hair is limp and dull. This may be due to contamination,
stress or having such a bustling way of life, that you have no time to apply hair packs or conditioner to your hair. Thus, your hair begins to look thinner and less shiny.
2. You have too many split ends

Split ends are one of the main signs that your hair is not at its healthiest. Split finishes, for the most part, happens when you have not trimmed or cut your hair in a long time, or have not been safeguarding it from dust, sun, and damage. In such a case, your hair will break into sections easily at the tips.
If you end up experiencing any of these signs of hair harm, hair baldness or some other issues, it’s about time that you seek out a great hairdresser at one of the Houston Galleria salons without feeling remorseful that you are spoiling yourself unnecessarily. It is critical to have healthy hair and to feel confident about the way you look. This will also give you the drive and inspiration to exceed
expectations in other areas of your life.

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What Is Balayage Hair

Balayage/balā yäZH/is a system for featuring the hair where the color is painted on in such a way as to make a graduated, normal-looking impact. You may have seen this new hair shading procedure in style writes of late. The French enlivened, freehand painting procedure is cutting-edge. The upkeep is not exactly the conventional foil strategy increasingly basic for exact features. Not at all like ombré which is centered exclusively around the closures of the hair. Balayage is perfect for adding profundity and measurement to the hair without having a line of division. A beautician can modify to every customer individually in general look.

Break out of the foil and attempt this delightful strategy. The beauticians at Bella Rinova in Houston are prepared to redo your new look today!

Simply book your arrangement and discover what your picture resembles!

Tips For Healthy and Gorgeous Summer Hair

With the summer party and beach season coming up, it’s time to start grooming your hair to stay healthy, shiny and radiant. Sunrays can damage your hair just like it causes damage to your skin.

Saltwater and chlorine likewise negatively affect our tresses. We’re here to breathe life into your hair back on the off chance that it endured a shot from the warmth. Continue perusing for our best hair tips and medications for solid locks post-excursion.

Prevent Major Damage With Protection

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to shield your hair from dryness from the sun is to help counteract the harm by restricting the presentation to saltwater and chlorine and remaining hydrated.

Another UV ensuring mystery: wear caps. From huge, straw proclamation making accomplices to charming, easy baseball tops, caps are one of your hair’s closest companions.

Fix Your Hair

Post-sun TLC is similarly as significant as insurance with regards to having solid hair. Our hair specialists prescribe these three hair-sparing medicines to restore those dry locks.

Treat Yourself

Book your arrangement or discussion with a specialist beautician at our Houston Salon, so you can figure out how to live your best (and most advantageous) hair life.

Finding the Right Hair Salon: Three Strategies to Keep In Mind

Searching for a trusted hair salon in Houston near the Galleria or River Oaks can be difficult and frustrating.

Just imagine, how many hairstylists have you seen over the years, and how many times have you left the hair salon feeling not satisfied? Trust us, this happens usually and that’s why we’ve compiled five strategies for you to keep in mind when you’re finding the right hair salon for you.

At Bella Rinova Salon in Houston, TX, we offer a variety of hair services including men’s and women’s haircuts, hair coloring, hair treatments and our favorite recent hair trend, balayage.

Highlighted below are the 5 tips for finding a hair salon you can trust in Houston, TX

  1. Read online reviews.

One of the best ways to determine a hair salon’s worth is by reading online reviews. Reading about people’s experiences about a service or product can determine what you will experience as a potential customer.

  1. Browse social media pages for services, Portfolios of completed work, etc.

With the power of social media, potential customers can browse through the hair salon social media pages without physically going into a hair salon to get the feel of it or to ask about specific services anymore. Many hairstylists have their own Facebook or Instagram pages to advertise their work, where they take pictures of their client’s hairstyles and offer customized services.

  1. Don’t make price a top priority.

Like we all know, you get what you pay for. If you chose a haircut at a hair salon simply because it’s $4.99, just know that you probably are going to look like you just got a $4.99 haircut. Believe us, you don’t want to skimp on something as daily used and seen as your hair.

Great hair stylists attended the right professional school to become very good at what they do, and they deserve to well-remunerated for a job well done.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Galleria Hair Salon

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our highly trained and experienced hairstylists at Bella Rinova.

A trial will convince you.

Book your appointment online or call today at (713) 572-0022.

Everything you need to know before getting a keratin treatment in Houston


If you’ve ever experienced even a tiny bit of frizz, you’ve probably been told by your stylist to try a keratin treatment-the “miracle” way to get smoother, shinier hair in just one appointment. If, you know, you’re into that ultra-sleek look.

Keratin treatment is a salon hair treatment that involves processing the hair with a mixture of proteins and chemicals that change the composition of the hair, completely transforming the texture and shape. Keratin-treated hair becomes silky smooth and oh so seductive – plus it allows you to achieve a variety of styles, from making your natural curl more manageable to straightening your strands. So is a keratin smoothing treatment right for you? As your Houston hair salon, Bella Rinova is here help you find out.


If you constantly long for more manageable hair but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to use countless products and tool at home, keratin may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Rather than damaging your hair with heat or weighing it down with products, keratin treatment works by adding a blend of hydrolyzed keratin into the cuticle. Adding this keratin blend to the cuticle changes the shape and character of the hair, resulting in smooth, healthy locks that are easier to style and more resistant to humidity and frizz. Best of all, because keratin is a protein found naturally in hair, it helps to keep the hair healthy and more resilient instead of damaging it.

And the best advantage of keratin smoothing treatments? They work for just about any hair type. Because our stylists are specifically trained to provide customized care depending on what type of hair they’re working with, they’ll create a keratin smoothing blend designed to work with your hair and give it what it needs become smoother all while staying healthy and strong.


Interested in seeing how keratin can help you refresh your look? We’d love to help. Book an appointment at our Houston hair salon today! Getting the summer hair of your dreams will be a breeze. We can’t wait to see you!